Handmade, organic, bean-to-bar, dark chocolate. Crafted from unroasted cacao beans. Suitable for vegans

Created with passion for the health conscious dark chocolate lover.

Aztec Gold Chocolate bars 100g

At Aztec Gold Chocolate we make artisan chocolate from organic unroasted cacao beans and naturally nutrient rich coconut sugar. Our low temperature processing maintains the unique flavours of the beans while preserving their natural goodness.
Aztec Gold has created a selection of exceptional handcrafted, bean-to-bar, single origin, dark chocolate bars for you to enjoy.  We have chosen the Criollo, meaning heirloom, cacao bean from Peru to craft our bars. This bean is considered one of the best in the world. Ethically sourced from a co-op that supports small scale cacao farmers in Peru and teaches them organic, sustainable farming practices.

Our Story

Aztec Gold Chocolate is the happy result of years of creative experimentation from chef and restaurateur Emma Ogilvy.  Here is what she has to say about it:

'Making chocolate fulfills a lifelong passion for turning high quality, sustainable, organic, raw ingredients into a product which stands for taste, health and nutrition. I am wildly excited to be able to share with you an ever-growing range of delicious organic, handcrafted, dark artisan chocolate bars. All our chocolate is vegan, free from soya, free from dairy and contains no gluten; we do not use processed white sugar and there is not a GMO in sight.' CLICK HERE TO READ MORE