What is 'raw' chocolate?

There has been a lot of debate in the craft chocolate world recently about the term 'raw' to describe chocolate made from un-roasted cacao beans at low temperatures. This stems from the fact that after the cacao pods have been harvested the cacao beans are extracted and then fermented in wooden crates or 'sweatboxes' for up to a week. The temperature reached during the fermentation process exceeds 42C,  reaching as high as 50C. Once this happens the cacao bean is no longer considered 'raw'.
The fermentation process is a crucial step in the development of fine chocolate as it helps remove the tannin's from the bean. Tannin's bring an astringent flavour to the chocolate and needs to be removed.

Unlike mass produced chocolate, our 'raw' chocolate is handcrafted from organic un-roasted cacao beans using low temperatures .  At Aztec Gold Chocolate our process never exceeds 42°C, whereas conventional chocolate is roasted to temperatures often exceeding 150°C. Our low temperature processing maintains the unique flavours of the beans while preserving their natural goodness.

We do not use refined sugar, artificial flavourings or emulsifiers. We use only natural ingredients and fresh spices to flavour all our bars.

Why do we make raw/un-roasted chocolate?

Because we love the gentle fruity flavours of the un-roasted cacao bean and are passionate about creating delicious dark chocolate.

Aztec Gold Chocolate is excited to be part of the new chocolate movement of single origin, small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate makers. While we are using only the finest criollo cacao beans from small scale sustainable farmers in Peru, we hope soon to be able to bring you carefully sourced single origin beans from other parts of the world so you can further experience the bold exotic flavours of cacao.